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KBGR 21-January-2017

January 21, 2017

N578UA B737-73V CFM Materials N578UA Dep 00:25Z W/B to KSBD

N579UA B737-73V CFM Materials N579UA Dep 00:31Z W/B to KSBD

N720CK B727-2 Kalitta KALITTA720 Dep 11:19Z E/B to CYQX

N916CK DC-9 Kalitta KALITTA916  Dep 11:40Z E/B to CYQX

N7029M PA34 ????? N7029M Dep 12:53Z E/B to CYYR

N342AX B763 Omni Air OMNI571 Arr 12:56Z W/B from EINN

N379SK E145 Wells Fargo N379SK Dep 13:02Z E/B to CYYR

03-3120 C17A USAF 436AW REACH378 Dep 16:16Z W/B to KTCM

07-46310 C-130J USAF 19AW REACH207 Arr 16:25Z from CYHZ Dep 17:14Z W/B to KLRF

98-0054 C-17A USAF 437AW REACH554 Arr 17:38Z E/B

1502 ACJ319 GAF FBS GAF861 T&G 17:40Z continued W/B

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