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CYYT 22-February-2017

February 22, 2017

15-3086 C-146A USAF 524SOS 27SOW REACH1043 Arr 03:12Z E/B

73-1216 C-12C USAF USE(?????) TITUS52 Dep 14:21Z E/B to BIKF

R213/64-GM C160R FAF ET00.064 COTAM1435 Arr 15:04Z Dep 16:13Z W/B to KEWR

74-2134 C-130H USAF 118AS 103AW Ct.ANG REACH101 Arr 16:26Z Had a Hex Call Sign YANKEE11

08-0835 U-28B USAF (318SOS 27SOW) REACH1029  Arr17:04Z E/B

08-0700 U-28B USAF (319SOS 1SOW) REACH1001 Arr 17:11Z E/B

08-0718 U-28B USAF (319SOS 1SOW) REACH1031 Arr 17:17Z E/B Had A Hex Call Sign DRAGN50

65-0978 HC-130P USAF 102RQS 106RQW NY.ANG KING79 Arr 18:29Z E/B

92-1454 C-130H USAF 156AS 145AW NC.ANG REACH561 Arr 19:57Z Had a Hex Call Sign EPIC76

168073 /QH KC-130J USMC VMGR-234 RANGER81 Arr 23:00Z E/B 

81-0626 C-130H USAF 164AS 179AW Oh.ANG REACH178 Arr 23:42Z E/B


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