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TRANSIENT 21-April-2017

April 21, 2017

MOLLY51 96-6049 CN235 USAF Inb CYID 05:05Z

MOLLY54 96-6042 CN235 USAF Inb CYID 05:15Z

REACH9206 09-9206 C-17A 437AW 05:33Z to CYZX

REACH062Flt 62-3580 KC-135R with REACH061 58-0074 KC-135R 904,905,907 3 x F-35I IDIAF RETRO11-13 13:43Z E/B

EGY1108 1277/SU-BAI C-130H Egypt AF 11:17Z W/B to KBWI

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