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CYYT 11-June-2017

June 11, 2017

93-1041 C-130H USAF 700AS 94AW AFRC REACH522 Dep 01:52Z E/B

88-1303 AC-130W USAF 73SOS 27SOW REACH1040 Dep 12:56Z W/B

130333 CC-130H CAF 8Wg TIGER333 Dep 13:16Z

MM62300 Be 350ER AMI IAM1499 Dep 13:51Z W/B

165831 C-40A USN VR-59 CONVOY4666 Dep 16:42Z W/B

82-0056 C-130H USAF 164AS 179AW OH ANG REACH699 Arr 16:56Z W/B

79-0479 C-130H USAF 192AS 152AW OH ANG REACH719 Arr 17:32Z W/B

90-1792 C-130H USAF 180AS 139AW MO ANG REACH461 Arr 18:26Z E/B

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