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CYYT 7-July-2017

July 7, 2017

93-1563 C-130H USAF 156AS 145AW NC.ANG REACH145 Dep 12:02Z W/B to KCLT 


CH-08 C-130H BAF 20Sm. BAF668 Dep 12:30Z W/B


73-1217 C-12C USAF ????? TITUS52 Dep 12:47Z E/B to LPLA 


91-1238 C-130H USAF 165AS 123AW Ky.ANG REACH695 Dep 13:18Z W/B


92-1531 C-130H USAF 137AS 153AW Wy.ANG TETON31 Dep 13:30Z W/B to KCYS 


86-0206 C-20B USAF 99AS 89AW SAM875 Dep 14:31Z W/B to CYYZ 


165161 C-130T USN VR-64 CONVOY3782 Dep 14:54Z E/B to EGAA 


93-1456 C-130H USAF 156AS 145AW NC.ANG REACH979 Arr 16:25Z W/B


57-1437 KC-135R USAF 77ARS 916ARW AFRC BACKY94 Arr 17:24Z E/B


11-3075 C-146A USAF 524SOS 492SOW REACH1043 Arr 22:24 Z E/B

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