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CYYT 8-January-2018

January 8, 2018

87-9288 AC-130W USAF 16SOS 27SOW RCH1028 Dep 13:08Z to KDOV 


84-00157 C-12U US Army E/1-214thAvn. DUKE15 Dep 13:50Z E/B to BGBW


Z21122/TS-MTL C-130J 21Sq. Tunisian AF TUN01 Arr 18:00Z W/B


169229/QH KC-130J USMC VMGR-234 RANGER75 Arr 21:15Z E/B


08-3176/11-5748 C-130Js USAF 317AW RCH455Flt. Arr as pair 22:24Z E/B


08-3173 C-130J USAF 317AW RCH255 Arr 22:58Z E/B


N535RV H25B N535RV Arr 15:29Z Dep 16:33Z to KALB

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