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KBGR 25-April-2018

April 25, 2018

09-0624 MC-12W USAF JM10 Arr 13:10Z W/B from (CYYR) Dep 15:10Z to KMIE


98-0056/AK C-17A USAF 517AS 3Wg. RCH327 Arr 13:35Z  Dep 14:38Z to KSZL


MM62177/46-42 C-130J It.AF IAM4665 Arr 15:05Z W/B


86-0026 C-5M USAF 68AS 433AW AFRC RODD55 doing approaches etc. 15:10Z-18:15Z then Dep to KCEF


166694 C-40A USN VR-59 CONVOY4902 Arr 15:40Z Dep 16:37Z to KNTU


N220QS CL65 ExecJet220 Arr 16:25Z from KPHL Dep 18:50Z to KIAD


N255JX E145 N255JX Arr 17:15Z from CYCE Dep 18:10Z to CYYR


N100JS F2TH  N100JS Arr 20:00Z Dep 20:35Z

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