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CYYR 27-April-2018

April 27, 2018

N314MA TBM9 N314MA Arr 14:05Z from BGBW Dep 15:54Z to KBGR


N541AU B733 N541AU Dep 08:18 Zto EINN


N928PB PA-46 N928PB Arr 16:41Z from CYFB Dep 17:53Z to KBGR


0065 A400M FAF ET01.061 COTAM2016 Arr app 16:30Z Dep 18:05Z to KNGU


15005 CC-150 RCAF 437TS CanForce4305 Inb.17:45Z W/B


UR-82072 AN-124 ADB  ADB3932 Arr 19:15Z from BIKF Dep 21:05Z to KCLE

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