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CYYT 14-Septerber-2018

September 14, 2018

08-5715 C-130J USAF 317AW RCH345 Dep 03:45Z E/B to LERT

Arrived as AEGIS75 13th Sept

5410 A400M GAF Ltg62 GAF244 Dep 11:30Z W/B

93-1563 C-130H USAF 165AW 158AS GA ANG RCH233 Dep 13:30Z W/B

MM62177 C-130J AMI 46Br 50Gr IAM4688 Arr 14:30Z Dep 15:45Z 

92-3286 C-130H USAF 934AW 96AS AFRC RCH107 Arr 18:25Z E/B

06-4631 C-130J USAF 19AW RCH525 Arr 18:30Z W/B

74-2132 C-130H USAF 120AW 186AS MT ANG RCH197 Arr 18:58Z E/B

74-1688 C-130H USAF 120AW 186AS MT ANG RCH406 Arr 19:00Z E/B

74-1679 C-130H USAF 120AW 186AS MT ANG RCH421 Arr 19:06Z E/B


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