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TRANSIENT 22-May-2019

May 22, 2019

RCH460 17-46035 KC-46A USAF 22ARW E/B 02:21Z to ETAR

N47366 DC-3 E/B 11:13Z

N103NA DC-3 E/B 11:15Z

N62CC DC-3 E/B 12:10Z

N47SJ DC-3 E/B 12:16Z

N877MG DC-3 E/B 12:20Z

BOBBY21 84-0192 KC-10A USAF + BOBBY22 63-8040 KC-135R USAF with CUBE71-75 5 x F-15E 48FW LN E/B 12:21Z BOBBY22 returned to CONUS 13:06Z

BOBBY31 86-0032 KC-10A USAF + BOBBY32 62-3507 KC-135R USAF with CUBE81-85 5 x F-15E 48FW LN E/B 13:04Z BOBBY32 returned to CONUS 13:33Z

N9017M C208 E/B 18:52Z to BGBW

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