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CYYT 23-June-2019

June 23, 2019

05-8152 C-130J USAF 403AW 815AS RCH687 Dep 11:08Z W/B to KBIX

04-8153 C-130J USAF 403AW 815AS RCH104 Dep 11:11Z W/B to KBIX

02-8155 C-130J USAF 403AW 815AS RCH801 Dep 11:14Z W/B to KBIX

00-01051 UC-35B US Army PAT869 Dep 11:44Z W/B to KBGR

92-1532 C-130H USAF 153AW 187AS WY ANG RCH657 Dep 12:39Z W/B

94-6705 C-130H USAF 165AW 158AS GA ANG RCH107 Dep 13:10Z W/B to KSAV

94-7320 C-130H USAF 302AW 731AS RCH558 Dep 13:15Z W/B to KMSP

Z21122 C-130J Tunis AF 21Sqn TUN31 Dep 13:23Z E/B 


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