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CYYT 4-September-2019

September 4, 2019

90-1793 C-130H USAF 139AW 180AS MO ANG RCH687 Dep 11:59Z E/B to EINN

13-5790 HC-130J USAF 23Wg 71RQS KING30 Arr 19:48Z E/B

06-0740 U-28A USAF 1SOW 319SOS RCH1017 Arr 21:01Z E/B

08-0700 U-28A USAF 1SOW 319SOS RCH1019 Arr 21:07Z E/B

Had a SBS Call Sign SLAYR33

142806 CC-142 RCAF 17Wg 402Sqn GRIZLY25 Arr 20:44Z

16-3020 C-146A USAF 919SOW 859SOS RCH1041 Arr 21:10Z E/B  

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