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CYHZ 9-September-2019

September 9, 2019

92-3285 C-130H USAF 934AW 96AS RCH602 Arr 00:00Z Dep 01:55Z E/B to EGAA

92-3281 C-130H USAF 934AW 96AS RCH601 Dep 01:38Z E/B to EGAA

92-3287 C-130H USAF 934AW 96AS RCH603 Arr 01:12Z  Dep 02:58Z E/B to EGAA

92-3288 C-130H USAF 934AW 96AS RCH604 Arr 01:20Z Dep 03:16Z E/B to EGAA

92-3283 C-130H USAF 934AW 96AS RCH337 Arr 01:36Z Dep 03:50Z E/B to EGAA

96-7322 C-130H USAF 130AW 130AS WV ANG RCH212 Dep 11:10Z E/B to EGAA 

130615 CC-130J RCAF 8Wg CFC2461 Arr 19:25Z Dep 20:30Z W/B

16-5834 C-130J USAF 317AW RCH348 Arr 20:36Z E/B

08-3172 C-130J USAF 317AW RCH317 Arr 20:41Z E/B

17-5865 C-130J USAF 317AW RCH638 Arr 20:49Z E/B 

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