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CYYR 12-October-2019

October 12, 2019

ASCOT9601 6 x Hawk T1 Red Arrows Arr 13:57Z

C-215 CL-601 Danish AF Esk721 DAF6803 Arr 13:59Z

ASCOT9607 6 x Hawk T1 Red Arrows Arr 14:03Z

C-168 CL-601 Danish AF Esk721 DAF5931 Arr 14:07Z

When the Red Arrows and there Danish escorts depated from the arrival on the 10/11th Oct is unknown

HB-FQI PC-12 Pilatus HBFQI Arr 14:08Z  Dep 15:01Z W/B

ZM418 A400M RAF 24/70Sqn ASCOT4021 Arr 15:04Z

ZM413 A400M RAF 24/70Sqn ASCOT4058 Arr 15:23Z

177702 C-17A RCAF 29Sqn CFC4105 Arr 20:22Z


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