92-0552 C-130H USAF 94AW 700AS RCH170 Dep 12:08Z W/B to KMGE

93-1040 C-130H USAF 94AW 700AS RCH171 Dep 12:12Z W/B to KMGE

N8060F AT8T N8060T Arr 18:49Z E/B

N8058T AT8T N8058T Arr 18:52Z E/B

Updated: 5 days ago

ZZ177 C-17A RAF 24/99Sqn ASCOT6673 Dep 11:42Z E/B to EGVN

ZZ330 Voyager KC.2 RAF 10/101Sqn ASCOT2146 Arr 19:31Z Dep 20:57Z W/B

Updated: 5 days ago

97-0048 C-17A USAF 445AW 89AS RCH553 Arr 00:35Z Dep 17:50Z W/B

00-0171/AK C-17A 3Wg RCH857 Arr 00:40Z Dep 23:55Z W/B to KCOS

12-5784/FT HC-130J USAF 23Wg 71RQS KING04 Dep 12:54Z E/B to EINN

09-5707/FT HC-130J USAF 23Wg 71RQS KING05 Dep 13:05Z E/B to EINN

ZZ177 C-17A RAF 24/99Sqn ASCOT6673 Arr 19:02Z E/B

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