Active Coronet East Deployments 

Last Updated 7th August 2022


28th March 2022 CE083 East


GOLD91 85-0034 KC-10A USAF with MAZDA41-44 168765/NL-530,

168767/NL-532, 168936/NL-531 EA-18G VAQ-134 USN MAZDA44 leaves the flight 07:58Z RTB KNTK ACK 08:28Z E/B GOLD92 18-46054 KC-46A USAF joines the flight 08:28Z and Leaves at 10:23Z to KPSM MAZDA41-43 to ETAD


GOLD93 83-0082 KC-10A USAF with MAZDA51-53 166946/NL-533,

168259 /-534, 169129/NL-535 EA-18G VAQ-134 USN ACK 08:58Z GOLD94 17-46030 joines the flight 08:58Z and leaves 11:10Z to KIAB MAZDA51-53 to ETAD


18th March 2022 East CE04 East


GOLD01 62-3578 KC-135R USAF with TABOR51-57 89-0487,87-0193,89-0474,88-1670,

87-0192,88-1703,??_???? SJ F-15E 4FW 335FS E/B ACK 11:52Z joined by GOLD02

85-0034 KC-10A USAF 11:54Z TABOR57 leaves the flight 11:55Z RTB KGSB GOLD01 leaves the flight 11:59Z RTB KWRI

GOLD11 58-0054 KC-135T USAF with TABOR61-67 88-1671,89-0478,87-0181,89-0503,

89-0483,88-1708,??-???? SJ F15E 4FW 335FS E/B ACK 12:34Z joined by GOLD12 85-0030 KC-10A USAF 12:36Z TABOR67 RTB KGSB ??:??Z GOLD11 Leaves the flight 13:20Z RTB KPIT



8th June-2022 CE102 East


GOLD63 60-0331 KC-135R USAF with MAZDA11-15 164703/403,165216/400,165217/412   

165222/401,165407/404 F/A-18C USMC VMFA-323 departed KBGR at 14:10Z to EGPK 

GOLD73 58-0109 KC-135R USAF with MAZDA21-25 165208/407,165213/405,165215/406   

165400/411,165402/402 F/A-18C USMC VMFA-323 departed KBGR at 15:43Z to EGPK but diverted to BIKF

They are now in Powidz, Poland (EPPW)


19th July 2022 CE053 East

GOLD84 17-46033 KC-46A USAF with TABOR31-36  92-3904,92-3906,93-0548, 94-0039, 97-0109, 01-7051 SW 20FW 79FS F-16C ACK 08:44Z joined by GOLD83 86-0035 KC-10A USAF E/B to LEMO


20th July 2022 CE053 East

GOLD94 18-46044 KC-46A USAF with TABOR41-46 91-0348, 91-0372, 91-0379, 94-0048, 97-0108, 00-0218 SW F-16C 20FW 79FS with Boston Centre 07:16Z joined by GOLD93 86-0027 KC-10A USAF 07:26Z E/B to LEMO ACK 07:28Z GOLD94 leaves the flight 08:45Z to KSSC


26th July 2022 CE104 East

BOBBY63 82-0191 KC-10A USAF PAED to BIKF with CUBE 11-16 04-4074, 05-4090 

06-4110, 06-4112, 07-4151, 10-4193 F-22A AK 90FS 3Wg PAED to EGUL joined by BOBBY64 60-0328 KC-135R USAF BIKF to EGPK


28th July 2022 CE104 East

BOBBY73 79-1947 KC-10A USAF PAED to BIKF with CUBE21-26 05-4103, 07-4136 

07-4138, 07-4144, 07- 4149, 09-4190 F-22A AK 90FS 3Wg PAED to EGUL joined by

BOBBY74 63-8872 KC-135R USAF BIKF to EGPK

4th August 2022

All F-22A tranfered to EPLK as DICE 11-14, 21-24, 31-34