Active Coronet East Deployments 

Last Updated 11th May 2022

20th October-2021 CE010 East


GOLD21 85-0029 KC-10A USAF 60AMW with GOLD22 63-8029 KC-135R USAF 108Wg 141ARS NJ ANG with TABOR01-06 91-0387,91-0395,93-0550, 93-0552,94-0045,01-7053

F-16C SW 20FW 55FS

GOLD22 return  to KWRI

GOLD31 85-0030 KC-10A USAF 305AMW GOLD32 59-1480 KC-135R USAF 6ARW 91ARS with with TABOR81-86 91-0381,91-0384,91-0385, 91-0390,94-0042,97-0111 F-16C SW 20FW 55FS

GOLD32 returned to KMCF

GOLD41 84-0188 KC-10A USAF 305AMW GOLD42 59-1498 KC-135R USAF 101ARW 132ARS ME ANG with TABOR91-96

91-0378,91-0389,92-3923,93-0532,93-0546,94-0049 F-16C SW 20FW 55FS

GOLD42 returned  to KBGR


The High Lighted aircraft are still deployed



26th February-2022 CE037 East


GOLD61 17-46028 KC-46A USAF joined by MAZDA11-16 F/A-18 DR USMC VMFA-312

at 07:59Z E/B MADZA16 leaves the flight at 09:00Z to KNBC GOLD62 79-1948 KC-10A USAF joins 09:35Z GOLD61 leaves the flight 10:30Z returnes to KPSM

MAZDA12-13 Leave the flight 13:33Z Divert to CYYR these leave 1st March as BENGAL43/44 FA18 USMC ED? USMC VMFA-312 Dep 18:10Z to KBAF


GOLD71 18-46054 KC-46A USAF joined by MAZDA21-26 F/A-18 DR USMC VMFA-312

at 08:25Z E/B MADZA26 leaves the flight at 09:17Z to KNBC GOLD72 86-0031 KC-10A USAF joins 10:14Z GOLD71 leaves the flight 11:10Z returnes to KPSM

1st March-2022 CE03 East

GOLD62 79-1948 and GOLD72 86-0031 KC-10A Hold MYR Dep 07:38Z E/B joined by MAZDA12-13 F/A-18 DR USMC VMFA-312 BGR 09:18Z to ENBO GOLD71 leaves the flight 10:11Z in Montreal airspace to KSUU

The Deployment transferd to EPLK Lask Poland Mid March 


28th March 2022 CE083 East


GOLD91 85-0034 KC-10A USAF with MAZDA41-44 168765/NL-530,

168767/NL-532, 168936/NL-531 EA-18G VAQ-134 USN MAZDA44 leaves the flight 07:58Z RTB KNTK ACK 08:28Z E/B GOLD92 18-46054 KC-46A USAF joines the flight 08:28Z and Leaves at 10:23Z to KPSM MAZDA41-43 to ETAD


GOLD93 83-0082 KC-10A USAF with MAZDA51-53 166946/NL-533,

168259 /-534, 169129/NL-535 EA-18G VAQ-134 USN ACK 08:58Z GOLD94 17-46030 joines the flight 08:58Z and leaves 11:10Z to KIAB MAZDA51-53 to ETAD


4th March 2022 CE087 East


ROMA92 58-0065 KC-135R USAF with TREND41-44 15-5243,17-5276,17-5281,17-5282 HL 388FW E/B with Montreal Centre 11:00Z joined by ROMA91 79-1947 KC-10A USAF 09:46Z ROMA92 leaves the flight 12:08Z for KPSM


7th March 2022 CE051 East


GOLD22 58-0066 KC-135R USAF with TABOR71-75 5 x F-16C 179FS 148FW with Boston Centre 12:35Z ACK 12:41Z W/B Joined by GOLD21 86-0032 KC-10A USAF 12:42Z GOLD22 leaves the flight 12:47Z to KPSM

8th March 2022 CE051 East


GOLD32 61-0276 KC-135R USAF with TABOR81-87 7 x F-16C 179FS 148FW GOLD32 leaves flight to KWRI 12:08Z Flight joined by GOLD31 85-0028 KC-10A USAF 12:36Z ACK 12:50 and joined by GOLD22 58-0066 KC-135R USAF at 12:38Z All E/B to LEMO


18th March 2022 East CE04 East


GOLD01 62-3578 KC-135R USAF with TABOR51-57 89-0487,87-0193,89-0474,88-1670,87-0192,88-1703,??_???? SJ F-15E 4FW 335FS E/B ACK 11:52Z joined by GOLD02 85-0034 KC-10A USAF 11:54Z TABOR57 leaves the flight 11:55Z RTB KGSB GOLD01 leaves the flight 11:59Z RTB KWRI

GOLD11 58-0054 KC-135T USAF with TABOR61-67 88-1671,89-0478,87-0181,89-0503,89-0483,88-1708,??-???? SJ F15E 4FW 335FS E/B ACK 12:34Z joined by GOLD12 85-0030 KC-10A USAF 12:36Z TABOR67 RTB KGSB ??:??Z GOLD11 Leaves the flight 13:20Z RTB KPIT


2nd May 2022 CE096 East


ROMA12 18-46047 KC-46A USAF with TREND61-65 16-5338,17-5279,18-5336,17-5278 +1 F-35A USAF VT 158FW 134FS

VT ANG 10:56Z at BGRjoined by ROMA11 86-0027 KC-10A USAF 11:06Z E/B TREND65 leaves the flight 11:26 RTB ROMA12

leaves the flight 12:45Z to KPSM TRENDs to ETAD ROMA11 to EGUN

ROMA02 16-46018 KC-46A USAF with TREND71-76 17-5265,18-5339,18-5349,18-5360 +1 F-35A USAF VT 158FW 134FS

VT ANG 13:14Z at BGR joined by ROMA01 79-1947 KC-10A USAF 13:16Z E/B TREND75 leaves the flight ??:??Z RTB ROMA02

leaves the flight ??:??Z to KPSM TRENDs to ETAD ROMA01 to EGUN


4th May-2022 CE03 East


ROMA95 58-0089 KC-135T USAF with TREND41-45 78-0637,78-0702,78-0720,79-0087,

79-0088 A-10C MD 175Wg 104FS departed CYQX at 13:56Z to BIKF

ROMA05 63-8878 KC-135R USAF with TREND51-55 78-0704,78-0705,79-0082,79-0165,

79-0175 A-10C MD 175Wg 104FS departed CYQX at  14:23Z to BIKF